Current position

Photo of Martijn Wieling by Jérôme Schlomoff

I am an Assistant Professor (with tenure) at the University of Groningen, and I am an Affiliated Research Scientist at Haskins Laboratories. My research focuses on investigating variation and change in pronunciation using advanced quantitative and statistical techniques. I use both large digital corpora of text and speech, as well as experimental approaches to assess differences in the movement of the tongue and lips during speech (mainly using electromagnetic articulography). For more information about the projects in my lab, please look at the projects page. Since 2015, I am a member of the Dutch Young Academy (De Jonge Akademie). In July 2016, I received the European Young Research Award.

I am always looking for excellent PhD candidates (e.g., research master degree with cum laude distinction). If you are interested in the field of speech production research, dialectometry, or computational linguistics (see also: projects page), please contact me.

Contact information

E-mail: wieling [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com
Phone: +31 (0)6 10095021