Some interests outside of academia

A visual impression

Thesis printing

PhD Thesis LaTeX template

If you like the style of my dissertation, you are free to download a LaTeX template I've created. You may use or modify it in whatever way you see fit. However, I provide no support, no guarantees it will work (you need to take additional steps to get the Minion Pro font to work), and am not responsible if anything goes wrong. If you use the template for your thesis, I'd appreciate an acknowledgment in the dissertation and a link to my website.

If you like the cover and the custom Part-pages in my thesis, these were expertly designed by Esther Ris (

Mixed-effects regression and generalized additive modeling in linguistics

I am frequently teaching (invited) courses on mixed-effects regression and generalized additive modeling. The most recent version of the slides I use can be found here.

Online applications (including source code)

Automatic summarization

Computer vision

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