Mixed-effects regression and generalized additive modeling in linguistics

On this website, you can find all information about the LOT Summer School 2013 course on mixed-effects regression and generalized additive modeling in linguistics. This course was taught by Martijn Wieling and Jacolien van Rij in Groningen from June 24 to June 28, 2013.

Download data and slides

The datasets and sheets used during this course are available for download here.

Course description

This course was designed to be a hands-on, user-centered introduction of two important advanced statistical techniques. The first technique, mixed-effects regression modeling, is becoming the method of choice when analyzing linguistic data where subjects have provided data for multiple items (e.g., reaction times). The second technique, generalized additive (mixed) modeling is important as it allows to model complex non-linear relationships between predictors and the dependent variable (e.g., EEG data).

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